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Days in the life of teh Pwnstar

blogging about good and bad shit on a daily-weekly basis (^_^)

23 September 1990
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I like video games, I like music, and I like making music for video games. I want to be a music composer for games, like, professionally one day. I like to go to clubs with lots of friends. I like to get drunk at parties. I like to drive really fast and play loud techno, metal, or rap. So yeah, that's me. And I have an awesome keychain that says "I'm immature, unorganized, irresponsible, lazy & loud, but I'm FUN!" I love it because it pretty much describes me in a nutshell.
and other hot celebrities, and rap, anthony starke, clubs, designing video games, elder scrolls iv guidebook, etc..., fallout 3 guidebook, hanging out with friends, in that order, metal, mgs4 guidebook, orlando bloom, playig video games, techno