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May. 21st, 2009 @ 08:45 am Writer's Block: Close Call
Accidents happen all the time, and often we walk away miraculously uninjured. What has been your closest call with avoiding serious harm in an accident?
Even though I speed, blast techno/metal/rap all the time, and generally drive "wrecklessly" as some people call it (I do not drive 'wrecklessly'.  I have wrecked my car many times, thank you very much), I know when to do it and when not too.  I usually do it when I have a good amount of open road before me and there are no cops around, and I drive safe when there is physically no way for me to do otherwise.  The reason I am not toally crippled is because I know how to responsibly be ridiculous.  I am a responsible driver (^_^)
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May. 20th, 2009 @ 08:56 pm Emergency: Code Yellow
Senior checkout is finally complete.  So I emailed my teacher for that last grade yesterday, and she got back to me so I printed my final grade, B, and finally submitted all three grades to Ms. Coleman for the signature.  I then went to Mr. Grado to get his signature confirming that I completed everything else, after running around the school trying to find him for about 20 minutes, I got his signature, and he gave me a slip to give to Ms. Bernadette to get my tickets.  Tomorrow, I'm going to the senior lunch and then the practice ceremony, then I'm gonna try to get more tickets, all the other seniors are gonna be there, so if I can't get more tickets from CEC, I'm gonna buy them from people who aren't using them.  I talked to different people, and Diane, David, and Debbie can't make it, so I need 5 more, so far the people I'm inviting are:
My mom, Brent, Sarah, Mandy, Erik, Susie, Matthew, Matt, Katey, Genta, Laurel, Ashlee, and Tristan.  I still have to see if Genta, Laurel, and Tristan can make it, So I'm gonna find out either tonight or tomorrow, and work out the ticket thing once I have confirmation.  Tomorrow I will try to get tickets, then be back to blog about it.  Mission objectives set.  Over and Out.
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May. 20th, 2009 @ 08:39 pm Writer's Block: Teenagers & Car Accidents
Why do you think teenagers are involved in more car crashes than any other age group?
My theory is because people love power, and when someone gets a surge of a couple tons of steel and engine at their command, shit gets wild for them, well, us, since I'm one of them, I love to speed and the sound of my engine gives me a thrill when I punch it at 80-90...  When people get older, for most people, that high of having so much power kinda fades, that's why so many teenagers are so obsessed with looks, because it gives them influence, and that's why so many teenagers spend more time and money pimpin' their ride, because hey, we just got full access to a couple tons of steel, that's what we are in love with, we get so pumped up with our cars that we fall in love and wanna make them beautiful.  If anyone gave me a million bucks, then the first thing I would do is get my dream car, either a Dodge Charger or a '70 Dodge Challenger R/T, then I would customize the shit out of it: spoiler, nice rims, hella loud engine, super duper subwoofer, hydraulics, etc...
oh wait
I'm completely off track...
I think that teenagers are fun, most adults are boring, so they drive all super-careful, whereas teenagers will do anything to enjoy that rush of adrenaline, even risk their lives.  Adults enjoy having fun, but are safe about it.  In short, teenagers are fun, adults are boring. that's why.

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May. 19th, 2009 @ 10:55 am Crisis NOT averted
So, Emergency is still Code Orange and Evasive Action is still in effect.  I went in to CEC today to finish the senior checkout.  Yesterday, Ms. Coleman told me "the 2 grades are fine, if you don't get the third one by tomorrow, just come in anyway and we can talk to Ms. Yolanda and work it out." Oh, but did we work it out? NO! I went in and gave her the copies of the two grades that I had, and asked if we could talk to Ms. Yolanda about the third, what did she say this time? oh wait, now I remember, it was "I'm totally gonna go back on my word and tell you that we can't work this out, fix this yourself or tough shit, homie." except it was disguised as: "I'll email Ms. Yolanda and see where we can get with her help, but see if you can email your teacher or call, do whatever you can to get the final grade and then I can sign your senior check out form."
...dammit.  So I got absolutely NOTHING accomplished today, oh wait, except spending about a gallon and a half of gas traveling around town.  shit.  She told me that we can TALK to Ms. Yolanda and FIX the problem and I would be DONE with senior checkout IMMEDIATELY.
Instead, we EMAIL Ms. Yolanda, DON'T FIX the problem, I'm NOT DONE with senior checkout and I will be done LATER!
see the contrast there? now you understand why I am pissed.  I could have been done with all this by friday, but shit just had to get dramatic.  However, shit has NOT hit the fan yet, I still have 2-3 days to work this out, and thus, still have the possiblity of walking at grad, so I am super thankful for that and keeping my fingers crossed, except for not, because then my fingers would get sore after 2-3 days...

I talked to my mom about the grad party that I was planning for sunday.  She got back to me just now and said that it will be on monday.  3:00pm food and shit at Mandy's with my family and my friends, then at ~5:30 me and my friends at my house with the multiple TVs and systems and music all set up and just us there to party and play for as long as we want.  The catch? well I planned for sunday and told all my friends that, so I have to reschedule with Genta, Kevin, Diane, Ashlee, Tristan, and Matt, and see if they can still do it, which I'm sure they can, so it's not a huge deal, I just seem to make things dramatic, notice all my previous posts...

ANYWAY! I'm gonna go kill some nazis, then drive my mom to work, then hang out with Kevin, then try to make more progress on senior checkout, then hang out with Ashlee, then try to get 2 of my friends to work something out (I won't say who, respect their privacy and all), then
try to make progress on grad tickets, then go to the senior lunch, then go to practice grad, then hang out with a couple friends, then go to the second practice grad, then walk at grad, then go to Kevin's grad party, then find soemthing to do, then have my grad party on monday, then kill some nazis, then get pissed because the nazis will stat kicking my ass, then kill some necromorphs, then get tired of being scared shitless, and then I'll be back! but I'll definitely blog between now and then, so laterz (^_^)
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May. 19th, 2009 @ 10:40 am Writer's Block: Licensed to Drive
Should we just be handing over the car keys when kids turn 16? Why or why not?
OMG, don't even get me started, I can come up with about 50 different arguments based on this concept.  But no, don't just hand over the keys, as long as they can pay all expenses (gas, maintennence, possible tickets, etc...) and if they end up injuring or killing someone, license revoked until 21.
Storytime children:
one day my brother-in-law was scootering to school, and some 16 year old BITCH hit him! like REALLY hit him, she ran a stop sign and he went flying for a bit, the scooter was totalled, he'll never run track again (he's lucky he can walk) and the backstory? She DIDN'T EVEN HAVE A LICENSE! she lived close to the area (I assume) and her dad let her use the car to get groceries. community service and she's never gonna drive until 21, after court stuff and all.  She's just lucky authority took care of her before I did, otherwise she wouldn't have legs to drive with...

Moral of the story:
there are some kids who can handle it,
others who can't.
If they can pick themselves up after a snag, let them keep on keepin' on,
But if they need mommy and daddy to cover for them, they should learn their local bus routes,
and if they pose a threat to themselves or others, they don't deserve to wield that couple tons of steel.
Give everyone an equal opportunity at everything and if they suck, KICK THEM TO THE CURB!
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May. 18th, 2009 @ 05:35 pm Emergency: Code ORANGE

Okay, so just a few hours ago, I posted "Emergency: Code RED" and set a mission to accomplish by today.  read it and you will understand what's going on in Code ORANGE.  This morning, I went to the bank to deposit my $301 tax refund check and pay my mom for this months insurance.  When we got there, she also called in another loan I owed her, I was planning to pay her and pay off some of my credit card, but she asked for the $150 in insurance, and then $140 for the loan, I guess she forgot that I owed her $238, so when she was all "pay me back the $140 that you owe me" I was all 'OMG, she doesn't know about the other $98' so I was all "Of course I'd love to repay you $140 mother dearest!" except it came out more like "okay" so yeah, I walked out of the bank with $11 of my $301 refund, but it worked out good in another way, so I'm good.  Later I went in to CCD and had mr. Todd sign my sheet for Senior Support, a useless class that met every friday, some of which I didn't go to for reasons ranging from just didn't feel like it to car trouble... Anyway, he signed, wrote my final grade for SS, which was an F because I missed so much.  However, it has absolutely no effect on my graduation or anything.  This class has nothing to do with anything about everything, so I don't care.  Anyway, After Todd signed it at CCD, I went up to CEC to get my last 4 signatures, 1 from Mr. Salazar to confirm I cleared my locker or whatever (I haven't used the lockers since freshman year), 1 from the treasurer to confirm that I don't owe anything for anything, while I was there, I picked up my yearbook and CEC senior T-shirt, and made my order for what I want at the senior lunch on thursday at 11:30, she also told me that the first practice ceremony was moved from thursday morning to thursday afternoon, and the second one is still the same, so I'll blog about that when it happens.  So the treasurer signed, and I tried to get my signature from Ms. Coleman, to confirm that I passed my college classes, which I did, but red Code RED to know more about that, I forgot the grades I printed at home, so I couldn't get that signature, I would have printed it there, but Ms. Coleman had to leave, I told her about how CCD didn't post my MAT120 grade, and she said we could easily work that out tomorrow, so I 'm gonna go there tomorrow morning, fix that, and since I haven't found out about my tickets today, I'm gonna do that tomorrow.  After doing as much as I could, I met up with Ashlee at the mall between her shifts, and she gave me a graduation gift: a pink dog collar, she knew I would love it because she has one too, and I was enjoying it, so she figured she would get me one of my own for when I meet some hot guy in Washington.  Hey, pink rhymes with kink.  So I was super happy and we walked around for a bit, got some Starbucks, and hung out until she had to go back to work.  So I went home after that and here I am now.  Tomorrow will be Code YELLOW, I gotta fix the college grade thing and get the rest of my signatures, which will be no problem, but then I gotta worry about how the ticket bullshit will go.  Now I gotta talk to my family about my grad party on Sunday.  I talked to my friends and left messages for whoever didn't answer, so far, everyone can make it.  So I gotta find out how that will be set up, but that should be no problem, anyway, I'm gonna go play some COD or something.

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May. 18th, 2009 @ 11:49 am Emergency: Code RED
So, my school (CEC) let me take college classes at CCD because I have all of my high school credits done before I graduated, I fast-tracked this semester.  Now, at senior checkout, CEC needs an official signature or other proof of me passing the college classes I took, along with other signatures from various CEC staff before they tell me that I ca walk with the other seniors this year.  My 3 professors are already gone for the semester, classes ended on the 5th and 7th, So I cannot get a signature from them.  However, CCD announced some time ago that final grades were to be posted on the 18th (today).  Since I did not get the signatures, CEC told me that I need to submit proof of passing the classes with the final grade postings.  About 20 minutes ago, I opened up the CCD web page, logged in, and sure enough, my grades were there....mostly.  I took 3 classes, 2 of the final grades were posted.  Naturally, I panicked.  I did some investigation and found out that the grades for MAT120 are still in progress.  I need the final grade for that class to prove to CEC that I passed, which I don't understand: I have my high school graduation requirements fulfilled, so I am guaranteed to graduate, therefore, I should be guaranteed to walk with the other seniors at the ceremony, right?  Even if I don't pass MAT (which I totally did), The worst that could happen is I would have to pay for the class, but no matter what, I should walk with the other seniors.  My sister is going to have the car back to me by ~1:00-1:30 (about an hour from now).  So I have to get to CEC and find out how I am going to walk with the other seniors.  I can prove that I passed MAT120 even without the signature or online posting: The course syllabus shows the requirements for different grades with a point system, I also have all my previous grades for the semester, except for the final and test #3, both of which I took, so even if I did not take those tests, with the points I cumulated, the worst grade I could get is either a low C or a high D, so there is no way to deny that I passed, and when my sister gets home, I have to go to CEC and CCD and talk  to different people to complete my senior checkout.  There is no possible way that CEC can deny that I have fullfilled everything I needed to walk with the other seniors, sure I didn't get the official grade for MAT, but I can prove I passed with solid, undenyable evidence.  If CEC tries to bullshit their way out of giving me my right to walk at the ceremony, I will go ape shit and argue like I have never argued before.  Assuming that things do work out, there is also the matter of getting enough tickets to invite everyone I need.  CEC also pissed me off by telling me that I only get, like, 8 tickets or something, I need at least twice as much.  CEC told me I can buy a maximum of 2 more for $10 per ticket, which is retarded, plus a couple of my friends are selling tickets for $10 per ticket for ones they didn't use.  So if I want to invite everyone, someones gonna have to pay up.  Either that or I will have to invite less people...
My initial invite list:
My mom, Diane, Ashlee, Genta, Brent, Sarah, Mandy, Erik, Susie, Matthew, Matt, Katey, Laurel, Debbie, David, and Tristan.  that's 16 people that I need.  If CEC decides to be even mroe retarded and I can't get more tickets, I will have to choose between family and friends.  Not cool.
So my mission for today comes in two parts:
1- Complete senior checkout, Make sure I make CEC acknowledge that I passed MAT120
2- Obtain all 16 graduation tickets
These two are possibly the most important objectives of my entire four years in high school.
Mission Impossible is set to commence in 30-60 minutes.
Wish me luck.
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May. 17th, 2009 @ 10:44 pm gotta get on the ball with this shit
OMG, I still haven't uploaded any pics, I gotta hop on that shit... My sexy BlackBerry is sitting right next to me, but by the time I go upstairs to get my USB cable, I'm gonna move on to something else, I'll do it later....
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May. 17th, 2009 @ 10:41 pm Writer's Block: When I Grow Up
Do you ever do anything now that you swore you would never do when you were younger? What is it?
well, when I was a freshman in high school, I was all "I'm straight, homie!" and never imagined myself gay.
And now look at me: I'M FAGALICIOUS! (^_^)
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May. 17th, 2009 @ 10:37 pm Writer's Block: You Ate What?
What's the weirdest thing you've ever eaten? Would you eat it again?
Scooby Snacks.  Once I was at Kevin's house and I noticed a box of Scooby Snacks on the table, I was all "??? theyz reel?!?!?!" and they actually are a brand of dog treats, I wondered if people could really eat them, like shaggy, he eats Scooby Snacks all the time, so I thought I could too, I tried, that shit was ROCK FUCKING HARD! dogs have strong teeth to eat that, damn,  anyway, the one that I tried tasted like shit, and Kevin's whole family were getting a kick out of it, I then downed a soda to wash that shit out.  And yes, I totally would do it again, I gotta practice biting through rocks first...
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