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May. 31st, 2009 @ 10:17 am Parties, No sleep, Fun, and Drama
OMG, so much going on these few days before I leave.  First off, on wednesday, Diane invites me to her friend Turki's house for a party.  I get there, there is vodka, orange juice, and hookah all around.  I join the fun, we dance to some music, I down some vodka/orange juice mix (I like it not too strong, Diane likes it really strong, like, 50/50....gross) and it doesn't take long for me to get fucked up (I know, I know, lightweight...) and everyone is having a blast just hanging out in Turki's living room.  Even though there wasn't much going on, it's moments like that that I enjoy the most: just hanging out and having a good time, sure I enjoy clubs and huge parties, but wednesday night was awesome.  So while I'm super fucked up, I'm having trouble standing and Michael is helping me sober up by giving me water and bread.  It helped quite a bit and I smoke some hookah while Diane went upstairs for whatever reason, and Michael left to have sex with some girl he likes.  After some time, I pass out on Turki's futon for a couple hours.  When I woke up, everyone was kinda chilled out, not a lot, there was still music and everything was lively, just not as much as before.  I call Diane because I can't find her, then remember she's upstairs.  when I went to check on her, the funniest/disturb-iest thing happens, her, Hamed, and someone else (I forget his name) are all on the floor...naked, and laughing their ass off, Diane yells at me saying she can't find her clothes, and I laugh my ass off.  Her clothes were in plain sight in the bedroom, so I grab them and help her get dressed, then we call Michael and he comes back soon after.  Everyone is laughing about what just happened and apparantly something that I missed while I was passed out.  After a few minutes, Michael, Diane, and I say our goodbyes and leave.  Michael and Diane go in Michaels car, and I in mine, to Starbucks, we grab some to go, say good-morning (since it is now like, 5am) and we go our seperate ways.  When I got home, I texted Jordan to give me a wake-up call at 10:00 so I don't oversleep and miss hanging out with her.  I crash at like, 6am and 4 hours later, Jordan calls.  She gives me her address and I head out the door.  She lives in Commerce City, so I mapquest that shit and hop on outta there.  However, I get lost, the stupid directions said "right on CO-2" which meant Colorado Highway 2 (which I didn't know at the time) And all I see is Highway 2, so I think it's not the one I need and I keep going.  about 75 miles later, I arrive at Jordan's house and we go to see a movie.  On 104th ave, we completely space out while talking and pass Denver completely,  we suddenly notice we're in Westminster, and freak out.  We eventually get to the theater and see Obsessed (great movie, that white bitch is CRAY-ZAY though).  We then go the Cold Stone Creamery and grab some ice cream.  We just kinda hung out for a bit longer, then I took her home.  On my way home, I totally skip Denver again and don't know where the fuck I am.  My solution? take some random highway and hope I end up in the right place.  Well...after a couple highways, it works.  I see a sign saying "DENVER" and an arrow and I'm all like "OMG, Thank you so much I-25" and some time later, I get home.
This is where a little drama happens.
Sometime during hanging out with Jordan, Genta texted me saying we should hang out.  I told him I'm busy with Jordan but we'll do it later or on Saturday.  When I get home I tell him that I'm home and ask if he still wants to hang out.  About a half hour after I get home, I plop on my bed and am knocked out, this is about 6-ish.  I wake up at 3am and realize that I just totally crashed.  I check my phone and see that Genta sent me a couple texts.  I send him a text saying sorry I fell asleep and we'll ang on saturday.  I then fall back asleep.

I get a text from Genta, he's all mad and says if I didn't want to hang out, I should have just told him when he called me.  I don't even remember him calling me so I'm all "You called me?" and he replies: "Whatever" and I check my phone and sure enough, he called me at 1:29pm on Thursday.  So now he's pissed at me and I'm freaking out hoping that he's not still mad at me when I leave, cuz you know, we've been friends for 8-9 years now, and I don't want to go to washington exchanging fuck-you's with him.  So I figure I'll deal with that later, and I go hang out with Ashlee one last time before I leave.  We meet up at the Cherry Creek mall and go to Washington Park.  We lay there for a while and take a nap.  After about an hour and a half, we go to her house and find out what to do.  We decide on walking around downtown, and do just that.  After a couple hours, we go back to her car and go to Denny's to have dinner and draw penises.  We get there, but the stupid guy won't give us some fucking crayons because we're not kids.  I was mad...I wanted to draw a big yummy phallus dammit!!!
We eat some food and play with my new Ipod Touch and leave when we're done.  We then have a teary goodbye and I go home.

I talked to Genta, apparantly, there was a  big misunderstanding... He texted me and I told him we could hang on thursday or saturday.  And when he called me, I said thursday was cool.  When I got home late thursday afternoon, I crashed.  Because I told him thursday, he said he's been waiting on me all day and he was pissed.  I apologized and we were cool again.  Since it was his brithday the next day (sunday) I gave him Dead Space and a card.  We went to Qudoba and had some burritos and went back to my house and played some CoD: WaW Nazi Zombies.  We got to level 16, our best so far, my best with Kevin is 20.  He had to go to some opera so I took him home at like, 5 and we said our goodbyes since I was leaving on monday.  he later texted me saying that Dead Space is sweet, he started on hard, but he got freaked out and restarted on easy, lol.  Later that night, I went to Habibi with Diane for Michael's goodbye party since he's leaving for France (by now he's on the plane).  I thought there was gonna be alcohol, but there wasn't, so I drove there.  we had a good time, I saw Ben, from Santa Fe, so that was cool.  After hanging out for a while, Me and Diane left and I said my final goodbyes to Michael.

I woke up.  That's about it.  I'm gonna see if my friend is good to hang out today, then I'm going to hang out with Diane.  Then I'll pack up and get ready for my trip tomorrow.

I saw Star Trek with Feffu, and all the rumors are true, it was
anyone who enjoys awesome plots, insane action, and delicious eye candy, go see Star Trek.
sorry I totally forgot to add this, Feffu, but here it is now, so problem solved (^_^)
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Date:June 1st, 2009 07:02 am (UTC)
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OMG indeed. And LMFAO to this: After a couple hours, we go back to her car and go to Denny's to have dinner and draw penises. We get there, but the stupid guy won't give us some fucking crayons because we're not kids. I was mad...I wanted to draw a big yummy phallus dammit!!!
So us going to see Star Trek didn't even get a mention here? Whatever. It's cool. I only introduced you to the most awesome epic movie of the year. ;)
You know I'm just kidding!
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Date:June 1st, 2009 11:28 am (UTC)
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OH SHIT! i totally forgot, I'm so sorry :( but to my defense, I sat down and typed this for like, 30 minutes, when I am in one place for too long, I get a little f*cked up in the head and I'm not right. That's why I seem like I had ADD or ADHD or whatever... anyway, editing post in 3...2...1...