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May. 21st, 2009 @ 02:50 pm Operation: Grad Prep... Successful
YES!!!!!!!!! I got my tickets, I went to the first practice grad ceremony, which was kinda lame, but I got my tickets! I have 12 tickets, I'm inviting 12 people, and everything worked out perfectly.  My mom gave me $20 for two tickets since my family is inviting 9 people, the extra cool thing is I got 9 tickets instead of 8, so that's $10 less that I had to pay.  All in all, I paid $10 for the extra 3, since my mom paid $20.  And now all I gotta do is show up at the Denver Center for Performing Arts at 8:30am (waaaay too early) then be there again at 4:30pm for the final touches, then the ceremony at 6:00!!! So I am stoked, all that worrying and bullshit paid off.  Operation: Graduation Preparation was officially a success.  Emergency is now Code Green: Evasive Action Successful.  Commander Carlton logging out.
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