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May. 21st, 2009 @ 08:52 am Taking Evasive Action
It is 8:53 in the morning.
Something must be wrong with me...
I don't know, I'll go see a doctor or something later "Um, Doc, I woke up BEFORE noon, please help me..."
RIGHT NOW I mostly have the ticket issue figured out.  I talked to everyone who I wasn't sure could make it.  So far the attendance list is:
My mom, Katey, Mandy, Erik, Susie, Matthew, Matt, Sarah, Brent, Ashlee, Genta, and Laurel.  So far, 12 people.  I need to get the 8 tickets from CEC, which I will get today at the senior lunch and practice grad.  Then I need to buy 2 more from CEC because they won't let me buy more than 2 extras,  then I need to buy 2 from any seniors with extras.  Extra tickets cost $10 each, so $40 total.  I have $30 left after buying stuff at Habibi and hanging out with Kevin.  When my mom gets home I'm gonna ask her for $40 for the tickets.  I'm almost out of this dramatic shithole.  once the tickets are taking care of then my last few days will be busy:
Friday: practice grad, then the GRADUATION CEREMONY! afterwards dinner and maybe a club or Habibi, or both.
Saturday: Kevin's grad party
Sunday: Most likely hang out with friends, or just play games all day and relax
Monday: My grad party
Tuesday-thursday: hang out with friends (that I don't see often) one last time before I leave
Friday: Maybe see "Star Trek" with Tristan, then ice cream at Cold Stone with Tristan.
Saturday: Maybe Dave and Busters one last time with Tristan and maybe Michelle, Jenny, Marcus, and Dion
Sunday: See "Next Day Air" with Katey, pack my shit up
Monday: wake up early, last minute packing, teary goodbyes with at least 20-30 people, hop on da plane at either 11:00am (I think...)
then ARRIVE IN SPOKANE at 1:00(2:00 my time)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(^_^)!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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