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May. 30th, 2009 @ 05:36 pm Writer's Block: Teaching Kids about Their Little Carbon Footprint
What are some simple things we can teach kids to do to take care of Mother Nature?
Well, with the economy, environment, world politics, and every other shithole that we're in, having kids would be an act of sadism.  If I ever had a kid (which is not gonna happen, unless I somehow do a super 180 and become straight, and WANT to have kids...) the first thing I would teach them is to not have kids.  This reminds me of a hilarious car I was driving behind a while back, it was LOADED with bumper stickers on the back all anti-kids with shit like "Condoms are easier to change than diapers" and pro-choice stuff, etc... the first thing that went to my mind was "they probably just had kids..." I didn't check, but I'm sure they had a booster seat or whatever in there.  This just reminded me of that car, it was hilarious.  Anyway, bottom line: NO KIDS!
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