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May. 31st, 2009 @ 10:17 am Parties, No sleep, Fun, and Drama
OMG, so much going on these few days before I leave.  First off, on wednesday, Diane invites me to her friend Turki's house for a party.  I get there, there is vodka, orange juice, and hookah all around.  I join the fun, we dance to some music, I down some vodka/orange juice mix (I like it not too strong, Diane likes it really strong, like, 50/50....gross) and it doesn't take long for me to get fucked up (I know, I know, lightweight...) and everyone is having a blast just hanging out in Turki's living room.  Even though there wasn't much going on, it's moments like that that I enjoy the most: just hanging out and having a good time, sure I enjoy clubs and huge parties, but wednesday night was awesome.  So while I'm super fucked up, I'm having trouble standing and Michael is helping me sober up by giving me water and bread.  It helped quite a bit and I smoke some hookah while Diane went upstairs for whatever reason, and Michael left to have sex with some girl he likes.  After some time, I pass out on Turki's futon for a couple hours.  When I woke up, everyone was kinda chilled out, not a lot, there was still music and everything was lively, just not as much as before.  I call Diane because I can't find her, then remember she's upstairs.  when I went to check on her, the funniest/disturb-iest thing happens, her, Hamed, and someone else (I forget his name) are all on the floor...naked, and laughing their ass off, Diane yells at me saying she can't find her clothes, and I laugh my ass off.  Her clothes were in plain sight in the bedroom, so I grab them and help her get dressed, then we call Michael and he comes back soon after.  Everyone is laughing about what just happened and apparantly something that I missed while I was passed out.  After a few minutes, Michael, Diane, and I say our goodbyes and leave.  Michael and Diane go in Michaels car, and I in mine, to Starbucks, we grab some to go, say good-morning (since it is now like, 5am) and we go our seperate ways.  When I got home, I texted Jordan to give me a wake-up call at 10:00 so I don't oversleep and miss hanging out with her.  I crash at like, 6am and 4 hours later, Jordan calls.  She gives me her address and I head out the door.  She lives in Commerce City, so I mapquest that shit and hop on outta there.  However, I get lost, the stupid directions said "right on CO-2" which meant Colorado Highway 2 (which I didn't know at the time) And all I see is Highway 2, so I think it's not the one I need and I keep going.  about 75 miles later, I arrive at Jordan's house and we go to see a movie.  On 104th ave, we completely space out while talking and pass Denver completely,  we suddenly notice we're in Westminster, and freak out.  We eventually get to the theater and see Obsessed (great movie, that white bitch is CRAY-ZAY though).  We then go the Cold Stone Creamery and grab some ice cream.  We just kinda hung out for a bit longer, then I took her home.  On my way home, I totally skip Denver again and don't know where the fuck I am.  My solution? take some random highway and hope I end up in the right place.  Well...after a couple highways, it works.  I see a sign saying "DENVER" and an arrow and I'm all like "OMG, Thank you so much I-25" and some time later, I get home.
This is where a little drama happens.
Sometime during hanging out with Jordan, Genta texted me saying we should hang out.  I told him I'm busy with Jordan but we'll do it later or on Saturday.  When I get home I tell him that I'm home and ask if he still wants to hang out.  About a half hour after I get home, I plop on my bed and am knocked out, this is about 6-ish.  I wake up at 3am and realize that I just totally crashed.  I check my phone and see that Genta sent me a couple texts.  I send him a text saying sorry I fell asleep and we'll ang on saturday.  I then fall back asleep.

I get a text from Genta, he's all mad and says if I didn't want to hang out, I should have just told him when he called me.  I don't even remember him calling me so I'm all "You called me?" and he replies: "Whatever" and I check my phone and sure enough, he called me at 1:29pm on Thursday.  So now he's pissed at me and I'm freaking out hoping that he's not still mad at me when I leave, cuz you know, we've been friends for 8-9 years now, and I don't want to go to washington exchanging fuck-you's with him.  So I figure I'll deal with that later, and I go hang out with Ashlee one last time before I leave.  We meet up at the Cherry Creek mall and go to Washington Park.  We lay there for a while and take a nap.  After about an hour and a half, we go to her house and find out what to do.  We decide on walking around downtown, and do just that.  After a couple hours, we go back to her car and go to Denny's to have dinner and draw penises.  We get there, but the stupid guy won't give us some fucking crayons because we're not kids.  I was mad...I wanted to draw a big yummy phallus dammit!!!
We eat some food and play with my new Ipod Touch and leave when we're done.  We then have a teary goodbye and I go home.

I talked to Genta, apparantly, there was a  big misunderstanding... He texted me and I told him we could hang on thursday or saturday.  And when he called me, I said thursday was cool.  When I got home late thursday afternoon, I crashed.  Because I told him thursday, he said he's been waiting on me all day and he was pissed.  I apologized and we were cool again.  Since it was his brithday the next day (sunday) I gave him Dead Space and a card.  We went to Qudoba and had some burritos and went back to my house and played some CoD: WaW Nazi Zombies.  We got to level 16, our best so far, my best with Kevin is 20.  He had to go to some opera so I took him home at like, 5 and we said our goodbyes since I was leaving on monday.  he later texted me saying that Dead Space is sweet, he started on hard, but he got freaked out and restarted on easy, lol.  Later that night, I went to Habibi with Diane for Michael's goodbye party since he's leaving for France (by now he's on the plane).  I thought there was gonna be alcohol, but there wasn't, so I drove there.  we had a good time, I saw Ben, from Santa Fe, so that was cool.  After hanging out for a while, Me and Diane left and I said my final goodbyes to Michael.

I woke up.  That's about it.  I'm gonna see if my friend is good to hang out today, then I'm going to hang out with Diane.  Then I'll pack up and get ready for my trip tomorrow.

I saw Star Trek with Feffu, and all the rumors are true, it was
anyone who enjoys awesome plots, insane action, and delicious eye candy, go see Star Trek.
sorry I totally forgot to add this, Feffu, but here it is now, so problem solved (^_^)
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May. 31st, 2009 @ 10:14 am Writer's Block: My Biggest Environmental Pet Peeve
Littering, long showers, not recycling... What's your biggest pet peeve about the way some people (mis)treat our planet?
Well, one day I was walking around downtown and a couple people were handing out flyers about saving the environment, and I was thinking "...doesn't that defeat the purpose? Killing trees to print out a shitload of paper to tell people to save trees?......huh..."
It's not a pet peeve, nor do I find it annoying.  I just thought that was funny

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May. 30th, 2009 @ 05:36 pm Writer's Block: Teaching Kids about Their Little Carbon Footprint
What are some simple things we can teach kids to do to take care of Mother Nature?
Well, with the economy, environment, world politics, and every other shithole that we're in, having kids would be an act of sadism.  If I ever had a kid (which is not gonna happen, unless I somehow do a super 180 and become straight, and WANT to have kids...) the first thing I would teach them is to not have kids.  This reminds me of a hilarious car I was driving behind a while back, it was LOADED with bumper stickers on the back all anti-kids with shit like "Condoms are easier to change than diapers" and pro-choice stuff, etc... the first thing that went to my mind was "they probably just had kids..." I didn't check, but I'm sure they had a booster seat or whatever in there.  This just reminded me of that car, it was hilarious.  Anyway, bottom line: NO KIDS!
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May. 29th, 2009 @ 02:30 pm Writer's Block: The Little Things I Do for Our Planet
What little things do you do every day to take care of our planet?
Well, with the car that I drive, Mr. Giggles, I'm helping mother nature everyday by putting her out of her misery sooner.  The world is suffering right now, no one wants to go through what our world is going through.  So I'm helping our planet with euthanasia.  (^_^) other people try to say "save the environment" by driving hybrid cars and recycling and all that.  Well, if they drive hybrid cars and recycle and all that shit, then all they're doing is prolonging the suffering of the environment.  So they're the REAL bad guys here.
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May. 25th, 2009 @ 02:31 pm My first ticket (^_^)
so, just about 6 minutes ago, I got clocked doing 50 in a 35.  I got pulled over, the dude took my license and some papers, and now I gotta pay $155 if it's paid in 20 days, and I get paid on friday, and I worked a lot of hours in the past couple weeks, so that just kinda works itself out.  I still owe my sister $50 from earlier, and she told me to pay her when I get paid, but now I got priorities, so she's gonna have to wait.  Well, looks like I won't be racing Mohammed again anytime soon.  The minimum wage in Washington is $8.55, so I'm gonna see about getting a seperate bank account just for these types of situations, because I know that they will happen a lot.  My mom was with me when I got my ticket, and she was all "that's like throwing money away blah blah blah" It is throwing money away, but she was kinda flipping out, I don't really care though, I'm just surprised it took 8 MONTHS for them to finally bust me, lol.  Wow, anyway, I have a party to go to, so I'm done blogging for now.
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May. 24th, 2009 @ 12:38 am Graduation, Parties, and my new favorite hobby
OMFG! these last 2 days were possibly some of the best I had.  Yesterday I GRADUATED!!!!!! getting the last-minute preparations were kinda hell. I had to show up at 8:30 for the final practice, I parked my car at CEC and carpooled with Rigo, Yanira, and Star to the Denver Center for Performing Arts (DCPA).  We got there and everyone got on the same page for how the ceremony would go down.  at about 11:30-12:00 we got back in Rigo's car, this time with LLoyd, since he was gonna ride with me so I could drive him home so he could get my Fable 2 back to me.  Since there was a hella lotta people leaving all at once, and we were on the 7th floor of the lot, it took us about an hour to get on the street, so we were listening to music on people's ipods and talking and I was being my usual crazy self.  Right around the time we got to CEC, my mom called telling me that her car is ready to be picked up at Midas, so I told her I'd be home soon, I went to Lloyd's house and got my game, then Lloyd and I went to the Gamestop I work at since I planned on going in anyway to sign my employee review.  When we got there, it was busy so Chris couldn't give me my paperwork, then my sister texted me saying that my mom need the car NOW so I told chris I'd be back later and drove home.  When we got home My mom said we were going to the bank first, I asked why and she gave me my state tax refund, which was $164. I was all 'YAY!' then my mom told me that I had to pay my sister most of it for money that I borrowed from her,$ 150 now, then the other $50 next paycheck for the $200 I borrowed for insurance for my phone, which I get back if I don't get my phone replaced in 2 years, which is 1.5 years from now.  when I realized that I was only getting $14 bucks, I was all 'FUCK!' I planned on paying her back later, when money wasn't so much of an issue for me, but my sister turns into the biggest bitch in the world when she doesn't get what she wants the minute she wants it, and I had more important shit to do than deal with her, so I gave her $150 when we got to the bank.  We then dropped my mom and my sister off at Midas and Lloyd and I went back up to Gamestop and I signed on my review, which I think was total bullshit: I do more shit than a 60! this score is out of 100, so I basically got a low-ass 'D'!!!! I'm not perfect, but FUCK! I am much BETTER THAN A 60!! my last review was a 89 if I remember correctly, I was pissed off when I saw a 60 on my sheet, but just like before, I had more important shit to do, and technically I don't work there anymore, and I already have employment with Gamestop already set up in Washington, so I just signed, left a BS comment agreeing with the shit that Chris put down for me, then left.  Lloyd and I then went to Panda Express and I bought him lunch as a small apology for dragging him around the city with me, he didn't really care, but I flt bad anyway.  We had our food to go, and He ate his while I drove over to Ashlee's house to give her the grad ticket.  I gave it to her, then we were on our way to the DCPA because it was about 4:00 and they said we had to be there by 4:30.  Then my mom called and told me to go home and change into my slacks and nice shoes since she didn't want me graduating in jeans and sneakers (to my defense, they were NICE sneakers).  So I took Lloyd home, changed, and my mom drove us to the DCPA and we got there fashinably late, even though nothing important was going on.  I put on my cap and gown, took some pictures with friends, ate my Panda Express, and put some napkin pieces on twelve chairs to save them for everyone I invited.  I was hanging out until the grad ceremony was about to start, families were filing in and Ashlee got there before anyone else on my list did and sat down.  While all the seniors were in the back, she texted me saying some douchebag family took our fucking seats, they were all "are these seats taken?" and before she even answered they sat down, she tried tell them, but they kept fucking sitting there, so I just told her don't worry about it and sent a text to everyone else saying they'll just have to freestyle it when they get here.
At 6:00 the ceremony started, I walked down the aisle and everyone stood up and clapped while we walked to our seat all proud.  Some people did a few speeches and they started reading names.  With a last name like Yule I was second to last, in front of Samantha Zepeda.  My heart was all pounding when I got nearer and nearer to the front and when they called my name, everyone was clapping.  I walked to the principal all smiling, chest out, tall, and proud.  I took my diploma and shook his hand, we turned to the camera and they took a shot, I continued down the line, shaking people's hand, receiving congrats, and took one last shot of me holding my diplloma and joined the rest of the seniors.  There was one last speech and the principal had us all move our tassals from the right side to the left side to symbolize our success.  Then all the seniors threw their hats in the air, since we were indoors nobody threw their hat too high, but I didn't care and tossed my hat to where it was seemingly inches from the ceiling and everyone was all standing up and cheering and taking pictures.  We then made our grand exit out of the ballroom and everyone met up downstairs.  I received handshakes and hugs from all my teachers adn family members, Ashlee told me that she totally busted out crying when we all moved our tassals.  Everyone took hundreds of pictures and I said goodbye to some of my friends.  Genta and Laurel had to leave, but the rest of us went to Racines for dinner.  When we went there I was still wearing my cap and gown and everybody that saw me was congratulating me.  We were seated and got the appetizer, which was a huge-ass appetizer, by the time the meal came we all had about half of our food and put the rest in boxes (which reminds me, yesterdays dinner is in the fridge, I'm gonna eat it and play Midnight Club after this blog).  Everyone said congratz as we left and my family all said goodnight and we went our seperate ways.
I went with Ashlee to her house so she could change clothes and we planned on going to Diane's party.  One of Ashlee's friends invited her to a party that they were having and she wanted to go there, we didn't know exactly where Diane's party was so we had a little drama but we ended up at the right place, Monica's apartment with alcohol and food and music and stuff.  There was a decent amount of people there, I didn't know everyone, but everyone had a great time, I took a few shots with people and chased them with some Mike's Hard Lemonade.  After a while I started to feel a little buzzed, Diane showed up with the hookah and we set that up and I was hanging out with people, meeting new people, taking shots, drinking Mike's, eating chips, smoking hookah, and there was this little noodly thing (which I later found out was a French sex toy, but I was too drunk to care) and I named it Mr. Tickles (interesting name, considering what the toy was for...), I was walking around, introducing people to Mr. Tickles and someone gave me another one of the same thing, so I named it Mr. Wiggles (another interesting name...), then someone gave me a third one, but I was on my alcoholic low by then, and since Mr. Giggles is already taken (my car) I just named it Swag (the music that was playing at the time was "turn my swag on" by Soulja Boy).  I had my alcohol high, now I was on my low, and ready to go, but Ashlee was my DD, so I decided to hang out and smoke hookah for a while and wait until the party ended or something before I made her leave.  After a while, she and Michael gave me some chips and water and I had enough energy to move, sort of.  People were starting to leave, so the party was pretty much over, then one guy (I forgot his name) brought out the watermelon helmet, a cut, hollowed watermelon.  And people took pictures and recorded videos of different people wearing the watermelon helmet and getting hit on the head, which was fun.  I put it on, people hit my head and I didn't feel it, I smiled for the cameras and videos, I would have put more energy into it, but I was ready to go to bed.  I wiped my head off afterward (it still smelled like watermelon) and Ashlee drove me home.  When I got home, I just plopped into my bed and was out real soon.
On saturday (today) I woke up to my phone ringing, I answered, it was Kevin wondering where I was, I was all "huh?" and realized it was ~6:00pm! I had been sleeping for about 15 hours, I threw on some clothes and headed out, my mom's car was home, but my sister had Mr. Giggles at her work, so I drove the blue car there and picked up Mr. Giggles.  I went back home because my mom left her phone in the blue car and went to Kevin's grad party.  A whole bunch of his friends were there, and we played basketball until it was dark enough to make things difficult.  Kevin's cousin, DJ, and I were talking about techno and we went to his car, it was an '89 Honda something.  He had a really awesome sound system, he put on some music and we stood outside his car with glowsticks and had a mini-rave for a few minutes.  I told him that if I get my Ipod, we could listen to more techno.  Kevin's little brother Jason and I went to my house, I grabbed my Ipod, and we came back, all in about 20 minutes.  We never ended up playing my techno, but I didn't care.  Everyone then went downstairs and played video games until about midnight.  Then we started getting into our cars to go home, by now it was raining, and Mohommed was all joking saying we should race, I joked back saying I would totally kick his ass, little did I know he really wanted to race, and Kevin was all "you guys are stupid! it's raining!" which it was, but I didn't actually know we were going to race.  So I got in my car, and revved my engine all super hard while he was pulling out of his parking space.  I followed him to the start, rolled down my windows, and pumped up my music like I usually do, and we pulled onto the street, which was mostly empty since it was about midnight.  Mohammed started driving all fast and that's when I realized we were actually racing, so I started driving fast too, and there was a sight to see, an old Lumina racing a Minivan.  I was on the right side and he was on the left.  We were tearing it up.  Then there was a little bit of traffic in the left two out of three lanes, so I passed them and slowed down so Mohammed could get around them and have a fair start, he passed them real quickly and we started shredding it again, this time I was on the right side, and we were punching it real fast, I didn't see exactly how fast I was going (I was watching the road and Mohammeds car next to mine).  There wasnt't a stoplight between where we started and where we ended, so we didn't have to worry about that.  He started caching up, so I went faster and got to the red light first.  I WON!!!!!!! he had to turn right to go home, so we waved goodbye and he turned, I went straight one more street and turned left on the next street and went home.  I was all "WOOOHOOO!" like, the whole way because that was my first street race! AND I WON!!!!!! granted I was up against a minivan, but at the same time, Mr. Giggles is an old, busted Chevy Lumina, so I wasn't driving any prize either.  Either way, THAT SHIT WAS FUN!!!!! So I got home, parked, went inside, blogged, and now I'm about to play Midinight Club, since I'm still stoked about racing.  I gotta get together with Mohammed and we should race again, this time on the highway, or at least a long stretch of road with no stoplights, at a decent time of day where there's little to no traffic, and with his car, and not his mom's minivan.  OMG THAT WAS FUN! I think I picked up a new hobby...

Well anyway, I'm gonna eat my leftovers from Racines and play Midnight Club: Los Angeles.  Nighty-night Y'all!
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May. 21st, 2009 @ 02:50 pm Operation: Grad Prep... Successful
YES!!!!!!!!! I got my tickets, I went to the first practice grad ceremony, which was kinda lame, but I got my tickets! I have 12 tickets, I'm inviting 12 people, and everything worked out perfectly.  My mom gave me $20 for two tickets since my family is inviting 9 people, the extra cool thing is I got 9 tickets instead of 8, so that's $10 less that I had to pay.  All in all, I paid $10 for the extra 3, since my mom paid $20.  And now all I gotta do is show up at the Denver Center for Performing Arts at 8:30am (waaaay too early) then be there again at 4:30pm for the final touches, then the ceremony at 6:00!!! So I am stoked, all that worrying and bullshit paid off.  Operation: Graduation Preparation was officially a success.  Emergency is now Code Green: Evasive Action Successful.  Commander Carlton logging out.
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May. 21st, 2009 @ 09:42 am Writer's Block: End of the World as We Know It
Robert Frost speculated about the world ending in fire or in ice. Which do you think is likely to end us all: meteorite, global warming, nuclear weapons, zombies, or the superflu?
Well, a little bit of everything, actually.
Here's my theory on how the world will end:
Technology will go past bombs and shit and turn into pure biological warfare.  One day, there will be a poisonous/viral/bacterial serum that will be injected into a war hero by his or her respective country to eliminate their enemies by sacrificing said war hero to infect everyone, and it will spread in much the same way as AIDS*, but due to differences in biological makeup, some will only become a little sick, and the governments will label it as a flu of some sort and name it after an animal, such as a swine, this flu will spread and infect others to the point where it becomes a "spuerflu".  Others will be more sick, and some will be completely immune.  however infected someone is, this virus or whatever will mutate into something different and will slowly get worse and worse until the victim's body and mind (or even slow enough that the victim's children) is completely FUBAR, and they have the stereotypical appearance and mannerisms of what the media has defined as a "zombie".  These zombies will attack anyone they get near, and anyone who was not immune from the get-go will begin the same process of the original infection, but since the zombie's genes are already mutated then transferred into their victim, they will go through the process much faster and almost instantaneously become a zombie.  The government will quarantine infected areas and gather the immune in a safe place and start trying to get rid of the zombies.  Due to the fact that the biological makeup required to be completely immune is so specific, the ratio of immune to zombie is heavily skewed towards the latter, and thus, the immune are heavily outnumbered.  The government will decide to bomb the zombies, since no matter what anyone's genes are, being blown to hundreds of different places is a permanent end.  The zombies will be heavily nuked and since the zombies are the extreme majority of the world by now, as stated before (ratio of infected to zombie), that will be a hell of a lot of nuclear destruction.  This massive overuse of nuclear WMDs will not only severely damage our Ozone layer but it will create extremely forceful explosions all over the world, and the force of the impacts will throw the world off of its rotation.  We will be "pushed" closer to the sun, eventually, we will fall back into a steady rotation with our proximity to the sun similar to that of Venus.  This will result in an intense rise in heat and our Ozone layer will fially be destroyed, therefore, the surface of the earth will be hotter than the core and going outside will kill us immediately and all forms of civilation will burn and disintegrate in a short time.  To escape this hell on earth, the remaining population will migrate deep underground and re-establish a new community and try to live peacefully ever after with what we have to work with.  Since we are now in a rotation that is closely in line with Venus, it is only a matter of time before we become dangerously close to the planet.  Once we are close enough, the gravitational pull of both planets will attract each other and they will collide like magnets.  Venus, being smaller than earth, will crash in a similar manner as a meteorite, but since Venus is much larger than the standard meteorite, the shockwave from the impact will compress the earth, and crush all civilization beneath it, thus, leaving no one.  After a couple billion years, life forms from Venus (unknown by humanity, since we could never explore Venus enough to discover said life forms) will evlove into fire-based organisms and establish a new civilization and my skeleton will later be displayed in the new museum of scientifc history.  Since this new organism will define their own system of communication, and we will be labeled: Dinosaurs.

either that, or Metal Gear Solid.

* My theory on the spread of AIDS is that the above theory is already happening.  Someone doesn't like us and sent in their patriot, who has done his job, as it is obvious that a hellalotta people have AIDS.  within a couple lifetimes, there will be "zombies" so along with our rough economy, as well as the pessimistic look of the future, having kids would be an act of sadism.

EDIT: Also, I believe that the end of the world is not predicted by the end of the Mayan calendar, I think some ancient Mayan dude got tired of writing all that shit out, and I don't blame him, if I wrote each day for a few hundred thousand years, I'd get insane cramps in my hands and would totally stop too, like "Okay I mapped out the next few hundred thousand years, can I have my damn cookie now?" and so there, Mayans didn't predict the end of the world, they just got bored with doing that shit.
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May. 21st, 2009 @ 09:29 am Writer's Block: Philanthropy
Do you volunteer your time or donate money to any charitable organizations? Which ones, and why?
Absolutely!  Every paycheck I donate quite a bit of it to the "Carlton's Empty Pocket Fund" or CEP Fund for short. Millions of pockets in nearly every pair of pants I own suffer from lack of stuff to fill them, we are a non-non-profit organization dedicated to preventing the suffering of jeans all over my room and helping them re-establish contact with cash from the outside world.  If you want to help improve the lives of pockets all over Carlton's pants, message me for contact information and donate a little green love.
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May. 21st, 2009 @ 08:52 am Taking Evasive Action
It is 8:53 in the morning.
Something must be wrong with me...
I don't know, I'll go see a doctor or something later "Um, Doc, I woke up BEFORE noon, please help me..."
RIGHT NOW I mostly have the ticket issue figured out.  I talked to everyone who I wasn't sure could make it.  So far the attendance list is:
My mom, Katey, Mandy, Erik, Susie, Matthew, Matt, Sarah, Brent, Ashlee, Genta, and Laurel.  So far, 12 people.  I need to get the 8 tickets from CEC, which I will get today at the senior lunch and practice grad.  Then I need to buy 2 more from CEC because they won't let me buy more than 2 extras,  then I need to buy 2 from any seniors with extras.  Extra tickets cost $10 each, so $40 total.  I have $30 left after buying stuff at Habibi and hanging out with Kevin.  When my mom gets home I'm gonna ask her for $40 for the tickets.  I'm almost out of this dramatic shithole.  once the tickets are taking care of then my last few days will be busy:
Friday: practice grad, then the GRADUATION CEREMONY! afterwards dinner and maybe a club or Habibi, or both.
Saturday: Kevin's grad party
Sunday: Most likely hang out with friends, or just play games all day and relax
Monday: My grad party
Tuesday-thursday: hang out with friends (that I don't see often) one last time before I leave
Friday: Maybe see "Star Trek" with Tristan, then ice cream at Cold Stone with Tristan.
Saturday: Maybe Dave and Busters one last time with Tristan and maybe Michelle, Jenny, Marcus, and Dion
Sunday: See "Next Day Air" with Katey, pack my shit up
Monday: wake up early, last minute packing, teary goodbyes with at least 20-30 people, hop on da plane at either 11:00am (I think...)
then ARRIVE IN SPOKANE at 1:00(2:00 my time)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(^_^)!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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